Adult Day Care 

Our Adult Day Care Center offers a comprehensive program of services and opportunities for individuals with special needs. We have a warm and positive approach that promotes better physical and mental health, helps maintain or increase daily functioning, and encourages continued activity and interaction with others.  Our clients look forward to being with their new friends and they are no longer lonely each day. They report that they like and look forward to having something new and exciting to do each day. In addition to these community based activities, we also offer a wide range of home based services. A New Beginning for You, Inc. offers these services within Bullock, Crenshaw and Pike Counties in Alabama.

Beautiful experiences everyday!


“I love it here! we get so much to eat, I look forward to coming here everyday. I get up at 4.30am and when the bus comes to pick me up, I am ready and sitting on the porch waiting. Everyone is so friendly out here, the workers are so good, I've got many friends here, sometimes I forget and wake up early on Sunday too”


                                                           Ethel Mae Lampley


“Working at A New Beginning for You, is a wonderful experience filled with love, great people and great times. The workers and staff are all friendly and always very helpful. The staff go out of their way to help with anything you may require and ensure all the clients' comfort.


                                                         Joyia Porter-Brooks 

“I like the things we do here. My most memorable  and favorite crafts are the ones I make over Easter, I have one I keep in my house, it is a bunny with large ears. I can't wait for next Easter

                                                                         Katherine Fayson



“Its a real blessing to be here, I come here to socialize.

                                                                                Ms. Porter

This is one of the reasons why I have been coming here for the last thirteen years and I will keep coming. Ms. Wright always has special treats for us and keeps surprising us. I love that! 

                                                                          Yvonne Warren



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